Dear gourmands,
allow me a short introduction...

I started in my youth, when I spent days with my grandmother and grandfather in their garden assisting they with harvesting fruit which we immediately processed. In winter we enjoyed black currant juice and at Christmas we served ,,Grandmother´s currant juice".

After some time I grew into a young woman and started to travel in Europe, New East, Caribian, Indonesia, Africa... These travels, whenever for business or private were always associated with food.

Step by step, from meals in the local markets to luxury meals in the Micheline rated restaurants. I reached the point when I could consider myself a gourmand. Food is an integral part of my life every free moment I spend in the market or in the kitchen and in the evenings I read cookbooks. From my travels I bring real vanilla, Ceylon cinnamon, African coffee beans and Japanese tea. I enjoy to combine and dream up new, quite often non-traditional tastes.

Two years ago, after five years spent in Germany, I returned back to the Czech Republic. Even during my stay in Germany I was toying with idea of starting my own production of marmalades and delicacies. Only after my un-planed return home as a single mother with two children, the situation pushed me to risk entering the market with my own products.

I hesitated for a long time, but my family and friends convinced me to allow other to taste my goodies and buy them throughout the entire year, not only as Christmas or birthday´s presents.

In the end I discovered that I just could not buy raspberry marmalade that would smell of summer, forest and sun ripened raspberries.

Where do you go to buy marmalade to go with cheeses that is not over sweetened, with real fruit base and is flavoured by fresh ginger and chilli?

Where do you buy Arabian mint-coriander pesto that would, after you open it, make you feel like you are in the Arab souk.

You can find the list of delicacies that I´m offering in the section ,, Products" or you can order them directly in section ,, Orders".

You can also buy our products in a wide network of brick and mortar stores, farmers markets ,,Náš Grunt", ,,Sklizeno" and many others. Complete list can be found in the section ,,Brick and Mortar Stores".

We pay DPH (VAT) and all or prices include 15% DPH (VAT).

I´m looking forward to see you.

Your Hana Šindlerová


Hana Šindlerová

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